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When it comes to choosing or reviewing the water treatment system for your cooling tower system, there really is only one responsible choice, PERMACLEAN. As an asset manager or engineer your primary concern is that the water treatment system you choose does the job efficiently. It goes without saying that there is also a responsibility to save money and maximise shareholders return on their investment, to care for the safety and well being of employees and to care for the environment for future generations wherever possible.

Here at PERMACLEAN we can unambiguously show you that our preventative water treatment system is not only the most advanced effective way of dealing with the problem of Legionella and scale in chiller systems, it is ultimately the most cost-effective, safe and environmentally friendly solution available.

The PERMACLEAN water treatment system uses electrostatic energy to create a positive field in the water, which bonds to bacteria and stops them absorbing food or reproducing. As no toxic chemicals are used to eliminate bacteria, the buildup of scale and biofilm is virtually eliminated, corrosion is minimised, with no risk of poisoning staff, the general public and the enviroment. Water can safely be recycled, avoiding trade waste costs associated with chemical treatment systems.

Chemical system dealers may try to scare you and tell you untruths, exaggerations, even misinformation, claiming that our system doesn’t give protection. They will continue to use the unfortunate fact that there is dominance of chemical-based water treatment systems as the only defence they have against the overwhelming advantages of the PERMACLEAN system. Thankfully, this is rapidly changing, as more and more smart asset managers and engineers around the world make the obvious choice and install a PERMACLEAN system. Here at PERMACLEAN, we believe the next step will be government intervention to prevent further installations of what is fundamentally a flawed and outdated approach when compared with the simplicity of the PERMACLEAN water treatment system. Once you have familiarised yourself with the benefits of our system, we think you’ll agree.

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